About For The Thrill


I've always been a little different. I had trouble relating to kids my age and felt like a loaner. That was until I started playing sports. I started with basketball, baseball, and track. I was able to use sports to find a group of friends that shared the same interest. Fast forward to my adult life, I've shifted my interest to the gym and working out. I'm able to use the gym as an outlet, as well as a place to meet like-minded individuals.


My passion for motorcycles started at a very young age. I would go over to my neighbors garage and help them clean up their dirtbikes. Eventually, my parents caught on and got me a Honda crf50 and I haven't looked back. I wanted to give back to the Motorsports community. So I partnered with Matthew to give someone the bike of their dreams and give someone the same opportunity to fall in love with Motorsports as I did.

We wanted to create a community for those who felt a burning passion for sports and improving themselves in every aspect of life. Thus, For The Thrill was born. We want this community to be filled with people who are like us and live outside their comfort zone. They challenge themselves, they push the limit, they chase greatness, and inspire others around them to do the same.

This is a brand, a community, a support system, and a family. You are not alone.

We are For The Thrill.